Frequently asked
What is an electronic appointment?
It is an online tool to make an appointment in advance regarding consular services which are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Who can use the electronic appointment service?
Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as foreigners and stateless persons can use this service.
For which consular services can I take an electronic appointment?
Electronic appointment applies to all services that are included in the section of “Service selection” which are introduced during online registration.
Is there any service fee for electronic appointments?
Electronic appointments can be obtained free of charge.
How can I get more information about the service that I am applying for and the required documents for it?
You can get more information from the official website of the diplomatic mission which you are going to apply for.
How can I be sure whether my electronic appointment is confirmed?
As soon as your online application for electronic appointment is completed the confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address that was entered into the system as contact information.
What should I do if I did not receive any confirmation email regarding my electronic appointment?
If you did not receive any confirmation email, please check the email address you submitted again. In case the e-mail address is correct, check the “Spam” folder of your email. For additional information contact the diplomatic mission that you are trying to apply to.
How can I change or cancel my electronic appointment?
You can cancel your electronic appointment using the cancellation link which you received in the confirmation email. Afterwards you will be able to apply for a new electronic appointment again.
Can I take one electronic appointment for several consular services?
You should take one electronic appointment for one consular service only. You have to get a new electronic appointment for additional consular service.
What should I do if my electronic appointment is canceled?
If your electronic appointment has been canceled without your request, contact the diplomatic mission that you are applying to.
Can I get only one electronic appointment if I am going to apply for different consular services together with my family members?
In this case you should get a separate electronic appointment for each consular service that you are going to apply.
Which citizenship information do I have to enter into the section of “Citizenship” during registration, if I have multiple citizenships or I am a stateless person?
In this case you have to enter the citizenship of the country which issued an official document that you are going to apply for consular services. If you are a stateless person please choose the “Stateless person” in the “Citizenship” section of your application.